Olive Oil Cake – Your Perfect Sweet Snack

I always like to have something sweet around the kitchen but that isn’t too high calorie count. This lovely Olive Oil Cake is just the right bite – to accompany a cup of coffee, a late morning cappuccino or a midnight raid on the kitchen – not too sweet, fresh and fluffy and with a subtle flavors of olive oil, lemon and spice.

Bestia – No Longer A Skeptic

I had been avoiding going to Bestia for several reasons – first and foremost it was impossible to get in without booking a table two months in advance. This was a source of enormous frustration and irritation, the suspicion that the restaurant was “saving” its tables for “special clientele” only – the Kardashian crowd in other words.

Bodacious Brisket Recipe.

I discovered this delicious brisket recipe and did not hesitate to make it for this years Christmas Eve dinner. The intense flavor is created in the initial browning phase – do not be afraid to let meat brown over high heat for the required 4-5 minutes per side – you will be rewarded with a delicious, brawny and caramelized flavor.

In the Company of Chefs.

My interest in food started early in life. I would sit in our kitchen in Rome and watch my mother prepare our family dinner, which was served almost every day of the week upon my father’s return from the office. Since we lived in Rome for the better part of 20 years, the menu consisted mainly of Italian inspired dishes with an occasional splash of my Mom’s German upbringing.