Born in Paris, but grew up in Rome

me-and-chicken-mushroomHaving had the good fortune of growing up in Italy, my love for good food started early in my life. My mother was a proficient home cook, preparing delightful dishes every night for the family evening meal. On weekends, our father would take us all out to the country or to a Rome restaurant where we would have a proper Sunday feast.

Professionally I worked in the entertainment business initially with Warner Bros International Distribution and then in the Inflight Entertainment business. I founded my own company in 1996 acting as CEO for over 20 years running a successful and multi-national corporation.  My work, as well as my passion for food, has taken me all over the world. These experiences have inspired me to write about my adventures and personal relationship with food, cooking, and the world of gastronomy.

40 Years of International Travel & Good Food

These experiences forged my appreciation for good food. As I went out into the world on my own, I continued this tradition, using the lessons taught to me at an early age — experiencing the best possible “bites” no matter where my travels took me. After more than 40-years of international travel and having lived in many parts of the world, my blog is a means for me to communicate the wonderful food and travel experiences I have had (and still having), along with some of my favorite recipes which I come across along the way.

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