The Food of Rome

The Food of Rome
Tagliolini alla Grecia, Da Francesco
Let me make one thing perfectly clear from the start when we speak of the food of Rome we are talking about a great variety of different types of dishes and ingredients. For me to review every facet of this city’s amazing array of flavors in one article would be an impossible enterprise.

Eating Ethnic in London

Experience the Best Ethnic Food in London
London has become a frequent destination for me over the years, both for work and for pleasure. I have come to appreciate the variety of ethnic food options available when choosing a place to go out to have a delicious dinner.

In Search of the Perfect Paris Bistro

The Search Begins for the Perfect Paris Bistro
What can be written about the Paris Bistro that hasn’t been written thousands of times before? And what can be said about the plethora of Paris bistros, wine bars and specialty food stores that hasn’t been told about in thousands of articles before this? The number is infinite.