I found this recipe in a great cookbook from one of my favorite restaurants in Sydney, Pilu. You need to keep your eyes on the sauce, since not much liquid is used you need to make sure it does not dry up. Use a bit more wine or add some pasta cooking liquid to keep it loose. The result is simply delicious. Recipe serves 6 people.

Anthony and me

Several years ago I wrote a brief article for my then new blog. www.dinewithjb.com, about Anthony Bourdain. I felt an instant kinship with his man, whom, under different circumstances I may have become very good friends with if I had just turned the right corner at the right time.

New Hope for the OC

I happen to live in Orange County, California – fate brought me to this part of the country – actually a job ad in the L.A. Times, but I tend to romanticize everything. I have no real complaints, the weather is great, low crime, good schools for the kids and the beach is just a stone’s throw away.