Rustic Fig Crostata

HI there! After a rather long hiatus from adding any new entries to my blog (I have had lots of story ideas but my inspirational juices were simply not flowing), I have decided to start again with a recipe. Start easy and then progress onto more challenging stories I say…

I have chosen a rather simple baking recipe because throughout my childhood it was one of my favorite desserts.

The Mar Vista – A Neighborhood Jewel

Los Angeles is a very different kind of city. It is in fact a tapestry of neighborhoods weaved together by major boulevards and freeways, each neighborhood having its own special identity. The most well-known are, of course, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Santa Monica and the West Side, Beverly Hills and Silver Lake.

North African Vegetable and Bean Stew

North African stews combine potent spices with filling vegetables, pasta and beans. Here is a recipe that sets out to create one of these rich tasting stews; a combination of chickpeas and butter beans gives this stew and a combination of earthiness and creaminess.

Olive Oil Cake – Your Perfect Sweet Snack

I always like to have something sweet around the kitchen but that isn’t too high calorie count. This lovely Olive Oil Cake is just the right bite – to accompany a cup of coffee, a late morning cappuccino or a midnight raid on the kitchen – not too sweet, fresh and fluffy and with a subtle flavors of olive oil, lemon and spice.

Anthony and Me….

Several years ago I wrote a brief article for my then new blog., about Anthony Bourdain. I felt an instant kinship with this man after reading his iconic book Kitchen Confidential, and with whom, under different circumstances I may have become very good friends with if I had just turned the right corner at the right time.