In the Company of Chefs.

My interest in food started early in life. I would sit in our kitchen in Rome and watch my mother prepare our family dinner, which was served almost every day of the week upon my father’s return from the office. Since we lived in Rome for the better part of 20 years, the menu consisted mainly of Italian inspired dishes with an occasional splash of my Mom’s German upbringing.

The Best Pasta in L.A.

Italian restaurants are ubiquitous throughout L.A. However there are only a handful of places that can be considered as the best in the city. I grew up in a culture where pasta was the main staple of the family meal. The ingredients and techniques that once made up these delicious recipes have changed dramatically over the years.

The Food of Rome

The Food of Rome
Tagliolini alla Grecia, Da Francesco
Let me make one thing perfectly clear from the start when we speak of the food of Rome we are talking about a great variety of different types of dishes and ingredients. For me to review every facet of this city’s amazing array of flavors in one article would be an impossible enterprise.

Eating Ethnic in London

Experience the Best Ethnic Food in London
London has become a frequent destination for me over the years, both for work and for pleasure. I have come to appreciate the variety of ethnic food options available when choosing a place to go out to have a delicious dinner.