I found this recipe in a great cookbook from one of my favorite restaurants in Sydney, Pilu. You need to keep your eyes on the sauce, since not much liquid is used you need to make sure it does not dry up. Use a bit more wine or add some pasta cooking liquid to keep it loose. The result is simply delicious. Recipe serves 6 people.

Spaghetti al Burro

To most these words mean absolutely nothing, but if you grew up in Italy as I did, they represent every child’s initiation into culinary delight. No, this is not some weird, eclectic pasta with donkey meat – for you Spanish speaking fans – but a simple dish of spaghetti, butter and a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese. “Burro”, is the Italian word for butter.

Braised Artichokes

Many people are scared to cook artichokes, and though they take some work, when cooked correctly, they are a delicious and versatile accompaniment to many dishes. This particular recipe is commonly served in Rome as an appetizer or as a “contorno” – a side dish with lamb, veal or fish.

Pasta with artichokes

This is a simple recipe which can be made quickly and easily any night of the week – selecting your artichokes is key, I sometimes use Globe artichokes, smaller and more tender, available at Trader Joe’s. Make sure the leaves are tightly bound together, not loose and falling off. I will assume you are acquainted with how to clean and prepare an artichoke.